Ways To Win Your Girlfriend Back After a Fight

timthumbFight, in a relationship, is always nasty and heartbreaking. Women take these issues to heart. Therefore, engaging in some meaningless assignment or conversation can only lead to senseless issues that can blindside both the partners.

Ego stands as a barrier that can fuel the fury of a fresh fighting event. There isn’t any way that could lead you to a resolution when the matters involve conflict. Time will gradually lend its hand to heal and make the situation calm. But, if you want to get your girlfriend back after a very difficult fight, you will have to give up your egoistic nature.

If you wish to make up for the clueless fights, give up all your ego and just go and make up for it. You may find yourself in deep soup without her; if so, you have to ask yourself what you want? If you want her back, follow these ways to win her back. It will all boil down to the following 3 steps:

Way#1: Apology Counts

You must apologize for things that went wrong. You must meet her and say that you are sorry for whatever happened, but before running off to see what she is doing, take your time to write an apology on the card. You can give it to her on the day you meet, but only after you have expressed all your thoughts verbally.

You must maintain proper order of events because it is crucial for you both. Men often take drastic steps to avoid personal encounter – they send half-baked mails or text messages that leaves a wrong impression.

Even if your attempt is rejected by your girlfriend, you should still try your best to maintain a steady approach that will help you to win her heart.

Way#2: Bear the Heat, It will not last long

Initially, you might have to face the heat before trying to resolve with your girlfriend. You have to act tactfully and take the entire blame on your shoulders for the discrepancies that has set you apart. Forget your ego; swallow the pride and remember that your manhood lies in your ability to please your woman. Logical arguments and everything else will fall flat if you lose her forever.

Thus, give up your tensions and fear and do not use too strong words during the conversation. Try to be calm and patient, be receptive to the hearing and take a defensive approach to express yourself.

Way#3: Back off, She will make the next move

Depending on how serious your relationship was, you should give her the chance to fall back on you after you have made the first move. If she has accepted your apology, which she will if you have approached properly, then you should wait for her to react.

However, you should not expect an immediate response. Give her some time after taking the blame of the whole event on your shoulders. However, do not try to persuade her much, as it will only lead to further arguments.

Even if the fight seems to be the end of this world for you, rest assured as there are ways to get her back. Just follow your heart and take a calculated approach.